Today's Featured Freshman: Mike Kosoy

Mike Kosoy - 285 lbs.
Olympic Heights High School (Boca Raton, FL)

  • 3rd Place Super 32
  • 6th Place NHSCA High School Senior Nationals
  • 2x Florida State Place Winner (5th & 2nd)
  • Career Record: 125-24
  • Senior Record: 48-1
  • 2x Team Captain
  • Started wrestling sophomore year of high school
  • Major: First Year College
  • Favorite Movie: Reversal (Coach Breese is his favorite actor)
  • Favorite Athlete: Buisar Saitev

Tuesday's Featured Freshman: Billy Reardon

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!


Today's Featured Freshman: Josh Lackey

Josh Lackey - 197/285 lbs.
Fairport High School (Fairport, NY)
  • New York State Champion (Big School)
  • 90-28 Career Record
  • 40-1 Senior Record, including 25 pins
  • Team Captain
  • Major: Business Administration
  • Favorite Movie: Anchorman
  • Favorite Athlete: Kyle Dake

Tomorrow's Featured Freshman: Mike Kosoy 


Today's Featured Freshman: Phillip Koob

Phillip Koob - 184/197 lbs.
TC Roberson High School (Asheville, NC)

  • 6th Place North Carolina State Tournament
  • 76-31 Career Record (Injured freshman & sophomore years)
  •  35-8 Senior Record with 26 pins
  • Team Captain
  • Major: First Year College
  • Favorite Movie: White Castle
  • Favorite Athlete: Ed Ruth

Tomorrow's Featured Freshman:  Josh Lackey


Today's Featured Freshman: Tyler Jones

Tyler Jones - 165/174 lbs.
TC Roberson High School (Asheville, NC)

  • 2nd Place North Carolina State Tournament
  • 3x State Qualifier
  • 3x Regional Place Winner (4th-3rd-2nd)
  • 158-38 Career Record
  • 59-5 Senior Record with 34 Pins
  • Captain of wrestling, football & track teams
  • Major: First Year College
  • Favorite Movie: The Fox & The Hound
  • Favorite Athlete: Nijel Jones 

Tomorrow's Featured Freshman: Phillip Koob


Bonus Post! Wolfpack Birthday!

Coach Frank Beasley, pictured with Bloomsburg Head Coach John Stutzman & his future in-laws, Glenn & Lisa Snyder.

Wishing Coach Frank Beasley a very Happy Birthday!

This blast-from-the-past photo was taken February 19, 2006 on Senior Day. Check out the full article and additional photos here.

Today's Featured Freshman: Patrick Davis

Patrick Davis - 165/174 lbs.
Woodbridge High School (Bridgeville, DE)

  • 4th Place NHSCA Senior Nationals
  • 2x Delaware State Champion
  • 4x Delaware State Qualifier
  • 8th Place Super 32
  • 8th Place Beast of the East
  • 3x DE Freestyle/Greco Roman Champion
  • 12x Academic All-State Scholar Athlete
  • 4x Team Captain
  • Career Record: 123-26
  • Senior Record: 41-2
  • Major: Environmental Science
  • Favorite Movie: Anchorman
  • Favorite Athlete: Brent Metcalf

Tomorrow's Featured Freshman: Tyler Jones


Today's Featured Freshman: Cohl Fulk

Cohl Fulk - 149/157 lbs.
Wyoming Seminary Preparatory School (Mount Pleasant, NC)
  • 3rd Place North Carolina State Tournament
  • 3x Place Winner Pennsylvania Prep State Tournament (2nd - 2nd - 3rd)
  • 2x - 8th Place Finish at Ironman
  • 8th Place Beast of the East
  • 6x High School All-American
  • Team Captain
  • 208-43 Career Record
  • 39-9 Senior Record
  • Major: Animal Science
  • Favorite Movie: Remember the Titans
  • Favorite Athlete: Tim Tebow 

Monday's Featured Freshman: Patrick Davis


Today's Featured Freshman: Tyler Hunt

Tyler Hunt - 141/149 lbs.
South Plainfield High School (South Plainfield, NJ)

  • 2x NJ State Placewinner (4th & 2nd)
  • 2x Team Captain
  • 145-23 Career Record
  • 43-1 Senior Record
  • Major: First Year College
  • Favorite Movie: Due Date
  • Favorite Athlete: Michael Jordan

Tomorrow's Featured Freshman: Cohl Fulk


Today's Featured Freshman: Brandon Jorge

Brandon Jorge - 141 lbs.
Lake Gibson High School (Lakeland, FL)

  • 4x District Champion
  • 4x Regional Champion
  • 4x State Finalist
  • 3x State Champion
  • 4th Place NHSCA Junior Nationals
  • 8th place USA Nationals
  • 2x Team Captain
  • 156-11 Career Record
  • 24-0 Senior Record (Pin or technical fall in EVERY match)
  • Major: Higher Education
  • Favorite Movie: Talledega Nights
  • Favorite Athlete: Jordan Burroughs

Tomorrow's Featured Freshman: Tyler Hunt 


Today's Featured Freshman: Patrick Hutton

Patrick Hutton - 133/141 lbs.
Georgetown Preparatory School (Rockville, MD)

  • 4th Place Maryland State Tournament 2012
  • 2nd Place Ray Oliver Invitational 2011
  • 2x Interstate Athletic Conference (IAC) Champion (2011 & 2012)
  • Team Captain
  • 49-10 Senior Record
  • 152-40 Career Record
  • 95 Pins
  • Major: First Year College
  • Favorite Movie: Warrior
  • Favorite Athlete (Actor): Coach Jeff Breese

Tomorrow's Featured Freshman: Brandon Jorge


Today's Featured Freshman: Sam Speno

Sam Speno - 133 lbs.
Fox Lane High School (Fox Lane, NY)

  • 4x New York State Qualifier (5th-2nd-2nd place finishes)
  • 4x Participant Eastern States (7th-7th-4th-3rd place finishes)
  • 6th place FloNationals
  • 41-2 Senior Record
  • Team Captain
  • 171-16 Career Record
  • Major: First Year College
  • Favorite Movie: Borat
  • Favorite Athlete: 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin 

Tomorrow's Featured Freshman: Patrick Hutton 


Things to look forward to...

Wolfpack Wrestling Family - 

Since this blog is something new to the Wolfpack, I wanted to share some of the things we're going to be doing over the next few weeks.  

Starting Monday, each day we will introduce an incoming freshman or transfer who is new to the Wolfpack for 2012-2013.  We'll highlight their wrestling & academic careers, where they're from, and what they're studying at NCSU.  This will help all of you get to know the new guys on the team well before the season starts. Also be on the lookout for some posts about each member of the new coaching staff - you'll need to get to know them as well!

After we are finished with the Featured Freshman series, we will roll out our weekly schedule.  Although still in process, we'll likely have a different segment for each day of the week, with some special/extra posts in the mix as well. 

Once season gets going, we'll be sure to highlight the lineups of each opponent and do a comprehensive preview of the dual.  We'll also do a follow-up post to each dual/competition to go over results.  In addition, we will be posting A LOT of pictures after most of the competitions for all of you to enjoy/download/share. 

Our goal is to post a minimum of 5 days a week, with the potential of 6-7 days per week in season.  We want to keep all of the Wolfpack Wrestling Family in the loop with all of the great things going on here!



Alumni Directory

Dear Wolfpack Alumni,

In order for Wolfpack Wrestling to succeed, we need the support of our alumni.  If you have not done so already, please click on the link below to be added to the Wrestling Alumni Directory.  This will be the best way for us to keep in touch with all of you and inform you of alumni functions and other events.