Pride of the PACK: Mardel Gabriel

Mardel Gabriel - 157/165 lbs. (RS FR)
Cardinal Gibbons High School (Naples, FL)

Q: Why did you choose to come to NCSU? 
A: Academics are good, I enjoyed the people who came in the same recruiting class as me and who were already here.

Q: What is the best class you've had at NCSU?
A: Biology & Sociology

Q: What is your favorite moment/memory at NCSU? 
A: Spending time with the team in the locker room after practices and joking around with each other.

Q: What is your greatest/proudest athletic achievement?
A: Being able to wrestle at a Division I school.

Q:What is your favorite place to eat one campus? Off campus?
A: Wolves Den on campus; McDonald's off campus

Q: What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends?
A: Spend time with friends - relaxing, going to the beach and going to the movies

Q: How do you unwind after a tough workout?
A: I don't think about how tough it was - just look toward the future and do something productive & entertaining.

Q: What song gets you pumped up before a big match?
A: Rap/Hip-Hop

Q: What is your favorite professional sports team?
A: Miami Heat.

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