Leaders of the PACK: Getting to Know Noel Loban

Check out today's interview with Volunteer Assistant Noel Loban.

Q: What made you decide to be a college wrestling coach?
A: Growing up and participating in numerous sports allowed me the benefit to be impacted by different coaches throughout my life.  There influence in my life has left an indelible impression that is part responsible for who I am today.  My desire and hope is that I can continue that same legacy, in impacting and influencing young men to not only attain their greatest potential in wrestling but to equally become “Great Men”.

Q: What is your favorite style of wrestling to coach? Why?
A: Freestyle wrestling up until a few years ago was my passion, because it affords the wrestler to employ a different level of tactics and strategies not utilized in folkstyle.  Having made the transition back to Colligate/folkstyle, once again I thoroughly enjoy the “riding time" concept and how that element can strongly contribute to being a champion. 

Q: What is your most memorable moment as a coach? As a wrestler?
A: As a coach.. Meticulously working through a game plan with Darrion Caldwell before his final match at the NCAA’s against Brent Metcalf and seeing him execute that game plan with faultless precision, confidence and flare from start to finish.  Going on to win the National Championship in dominating fashion along with the Outstanding Wrestler award…that is a great memory!  As a wrestler... Being fortunate enough to have competed successfully for 7 years on the International circuit and travel the World…great memories…great moments!

Q: When did you start wrestling as a kid and who pushed you the most throughout your career?
A: I started wrestling in 10th grade which is relatively late for our sport.  But I fell in love with it…not because I was a natural! I wasn’t but I enjoyed it even though nothing came easy.  I didn’t get any support from my family but it kept me out of trouble and off the streets.  I owe the sport everything since it kept me buoyed during some rough times in my youth.  Apart from that I pretty much have always pushed myself.

Q: What is your favorite wrestling movie?
A: To have a favorite of anything you need more than one to compare it with unfortunately I have only seen Vision Quest which negates the question.

Q: Who is your favorite professional sports team:
A: British Football – Tottingham Hotspurs, & Arsenal
American Football – Pittsburgh Steelers
Basketball – Miami Heat
Baseball – NY Yankees

Q: What is your favorite TV Show?

A: Modern Family - Humor
Burn Notice - Action
National Geographic - Life

Q: What is the last book you've read?
A: Holy Bible

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: I enjoy spicy flavored foods; Thai, Caribbean, and Indian Cuisine.

Q: What is your favorite Raleigh-area restaurant?
A: Lemon Tree & Shuckers

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