Jones & Gwiazdowski preseeded at Scuffle

Nijel Jones & Nick Gwiazdowski (competing unattached) were seeded in their weight classes for the 2013 Southern Scuffle.  Their weight class seeds are below.  For a complete list of pre-seeds and options for live viewing/ticketing information, click here.  We will also be tweeting results via @PackWrestle.

1. Kyle Dake - Cornell
2. David Taylor - Penn State
3. Tyler Caldwell - Oklahoma State
4. Nick Sulzer - UVa.
5. Cody Yohn - Minnesota
6. Zach Toal - Missouri
7. Josh Condon - UTC
8. Corey Mock - UNC
9. Nijel Jones - NC State
10. Peyton Walsh - Navy
11. Gabe Martinez - AFA


1. Anthony Nelson - Minnesota
2. Dom Bradley - Missouri
3. Alan Gelogaev - Oklahoma State
4. Nick Gwiazdowski - NC State
5. Levi Cooper - Arizona State
6. James Lawson - Penn State
7. Jonathan Gingrich - Penn State
8. Odie Delaney - The Citadel
9. Jeremy Johnson - Ohio
10. Stryker Lane - Cornell


Reno Tournament of Champions Preview: Part II

Here is the second half of our Reno TOC preview.  

165 pounds
NCSU Entrants:  Nijel Jones
Other Top Contenders:  Ethan Hinebauch (MT St Northern – Ranked 1st NAIA), Bret Baumbach (Stanford – Nationally Ranked), Zach Strickland (App St – Nationally Ranked), Cody Allala (CCC – Nationally Ranked 9th JUCO),Derek Mestrovich (Southern OR – Ranked 3rd JUCO), Ryan Miller (GCU – Roadrunner Open 4th), Gian Traverso (MO Valley – Ranked 6th NAIA), Harrison Hightower (Ohio – Navy Classic 4th), Jim Wilson (Stanford – Roadrunner Open Champ), Abner Cook (UVU – Cowboy Open Champ), Robert Nash (MSU – EMU Open 2nd), Holden Packard (Boise), Troy Lamson (MSU – EMU Open 6th), Austin Dewey (Boise – Cowboy Open Placer), and Cole Rice (Spokane Open Champ)

174 pounds
NCSU Entrants:  Patrick Davis
Other Top Contenders:  Bryce Hammond (Cal Bakersfield – Ranked Top 20), Brock Gutches (Southern Oregon – Ranked #1 NAIA), Austin Morehead (Oregon St – Nationally Ranked), Max Payne (MT St Northern – Ranked 5th NAIA), Trent Noon (CCC – Ranked 3rd JUCO), Jordan Wohlfert (MSU – MSU and EMU Open 2nd), Ross Taylor (Western Wyoming – Ranked 8th JUCO), Jared Miller (MT St Northern –Ranked Top 15 NAIA), Cody Walters (Ohio – MSU Open Champ), Jarrod Purvis (Adams St – Fort Hays Open Champ), Michael Duckworth (Ohio – Navy Classic 5th), Monte Schmalhaus (UVU – Cowboy Open Champ), Ethan Smith (UVU – Cowboy Open 2nd), LJ Helbig (Wyoming – UNK Open 3rd), and Zach Nevills (Stanford – Roadrunner Open 3rd)

184 pounds
NCSU Entrants:  Brett Peltier
Other Top Contenders:  Jake Swartz (Boise – Ranked top 10), Ty Vinson (Oregon St – Nationally Ranked), John Rizgallah (MSU – Nationally Ranked), Lance Bryson (WVU – Nationally Ranked), Kody Reed (MT St Northern – Ranked top 10 NAIA), Tyler Thomas (Southern OR – Ranked top 10 NAIA), Brett Sanchez (GCU – Ranked top 10 D2), Taylor McGiffen (Campbell – Citadel Open Champ),Shane Woods (Wyoming – UNK Open 2nd), Ryan Garringer (Ohio – 3rd Navy Classic), Marcus Haughian (GCU – Cowboy Open 4th), Cody Rodgers (Ohio – MSU Open 4th), Sean Dougherty (Cal Poly – Keystoen Classic 5th), Kadyn Del Toro (Boise – Cowboy Open Placer), and Riley Argyle (Western Wyoming – Ranked JUCO)

197 pounds
NCSU Entrants:  Josh Lackey
Other Top Contenders:  Alfonso Hernandez (Wyoming – Ranked top 5), Taylor Meeks (Oregon St – Ranked top 15),Toby Cheff (MT St Northern – Ranked NAIA), Charles Johnson (Southern Oregon – Ranked top 10 NAIA), Josh Manu (MO Valley – Ranked 4th NAIA), Jake Laden (CCC – Ranked #1 JUCO), Celic Bell (GCU – Ranked #3 NAIA), Patrick Gomez (Northern Colorado – Cowboy Open 2nd), Phil Wellington (Ohio –MSU Open Champ), Michael Sojka (Stanford – Roadrunner Open 2nd), Nick McDiarmid (MSU – EMU Open 2nd), AJ Vizcarrondo (WVU – Wolfpack Open 4th), Luke Jones (MSU – MSU Open 4th), Cody Rodgers (Ohio – Navy Classic 5th), and Paul Weiss (App State – Keystone Classic 6th)

285 pounds
NCSU Entrants:  Mike Kosoy

Other Top Contenders:  Chad Hanke (Oregon St – Ranked top 10), JT Felix (Boise – Ranked top 10), Jeremy Johnson (Ohio – Ranked top 10), Odie Delaney (Citadel – Ranked top 15), Mike McClure (MSU – Ranked top 15), Atticus Disney (Cal Poly – Nationally Ranked), Tyrell Fortune (GCU – Ranked top 5 D2), Dan Scherer (Stanford – Nationally Ranked), Jacob Mitchell (CCC – Ranked 4th JUCO), Dan Mueller (Mo Valley – Ranked 6th NAIA), Bubba Owens (Southern OR – Ranked 5th NAIA), Hnery Chirino (Northern CO – Las Vegas Invite 8th),  Gabi Musallam (MO Valley – Ranked top 15 NAIA), Mike Williams (Western WY – Ranked top 15 JUCO), and Tanner Harms (Wyoming – UNK Open Champ)


Reno Tournament of Champions Preview: Part I

This Sunday we will compete at the Reno Tournament of Champions.  It is a good opportunity to see a lot of teams that we do not normally get to compete against from the west coast.  There are 24 teams competing.  Here are the teams and a weight class breakdown of some of the top contenders in each weight class.

Teams entered:  #18 Adams State University, Appalachian State University, #20 Boise State University, #40 Cal Poly, #51 CSU Bakersfield, Campbell University, #28 The Citadel, #3 Clackamas CC, #2 Grand Canyon University, #48 Michigan State University, #7 Missouri Valley College, #12 Montana State – Northern, NC State University, Northern Colorado, #52 Ohio University, #14 Oregon State University, Sacramento State University, Simpson University, #1 Southern Oregon University, Stanford University, Utah Valley University, #24 University of Wyoming, #52 West Virginia, and #14 Western Wyoming CC

125 Pounds
NCSU Entrants:  None
Other Top Contenders:  Tyler Cox (Wyoming – Nationally Ranked), Shyane Young (WVU – Nationally Ranked), Evan Silver (Stanford – Nationally Ranked), Jade Rauser (UVU – Nationally Ranked), Joey Palmer (Oregon St – Nationally Ranked), Dominic Parisi (App St – Nationally Ranked), Kyle McCrite (Grand Canyon – D2 National Champion), Mitchell Lofstedt (Southern Oregon – Ranked #1 in NAIA), Drew Templeman (Wyoming – won 3 opens this year), Jerry Huff (Adams St – Ranked top 10 D2), Tyler Iwamura (Cal Bakersfield – top 12 Las Vegas Invite), Eric Montoya (Campbell – PSU Open Place Winner), Stevan Knoblauch (CCC – Ranked 4th JUCO), Ryan Sterns (MO Valley – Nationally Ranked NAIA), and Hermilo Esquivel (MSU – EMU Open Champ)

133 pounds
NCSU Entrants:  Sam Speno
Other Top Contenders:  Devin Lotito (Cal Poly – Ranked top 15), Drew Van Anrooy (Oregon St – Nationally Ranked), Ian Nickell (Cal Bakersfield – Nationally Ranked),Brian Owen (Boise – Nationally Ranked), Colin Johnson (WVU – Nationally Ranked), Zach Zehner (Wyoming – 2nd Reno last year), Kasey Garnhart (Wyoming – 5th Reno last year), Martin Gonzalez (GCU – Ranked top 10 D2), Brian Bitney (MO Valley – Ranked 4th NAIA), Logan Welch (MO Valley – Ranked 8th NAIA), Cameron Neiss (MT St Northern – Ranked 11th NAIA), Prescott Gardner (Southern OR – Ranked 5th NAIA), Luis Baltazar (Southern OR – Ranked 9th NAIA), Val Rauser (UVU – 3rd Wolfpack Open), and Terry Turner (MSU – 3rd EMU Open)

141 pounds
NCSU Entrants:  None
Other Top Contenders:  Michael Mangrum (Oregon St – Ranekd top 5), Ugi Khishignyam (Citadel – Ranked top 10), Nathan Pennesi (WVU – Nationally Ranked), Tim Box (Cal Bakersfield – Nationally Ranked), Ryan Fillingame (Adams St – Ranked 6th D2), Shane Yacuta (CCC – Ranked 9th JUCO), Todd Brackett (MO Valley – Ranked top 15 NAIA), Hunter Azure (MT St Northern – Ranked Nationally NAIA), Jonathan Gay (Southern OR – Ranked 7th NAIA), Justin Eldred (Southern OR – Ranked top 15 NAIA), Mario Luna (Western Wyoming – Ranked 8th JUCO), Kagan Squire (Ohio – 4th MSU Open), Brandan Rocha (Cal Poly – Roadrunner Open Champ), Nick Adams (Northern CO – Cowboy Open 2nd), and Jose Mendoza (Cal Bakersfield – Roadrunner Open 2nd)

149 pounds
NCSU Entrants:  Tommy Gantt
Other Top Contenders:  Jason Chamberlain (Boise – Ranked top 5), Scott Sakaguchi (Oregon St – Ranked Top 10), Dan Osterman (MSU – Ranked top 20), Justin Gonzales (Northern CO – Ranked top 20), Josh Wilson (UVU – Nationally Ranked), Jimmy Eggemeyer (Southern Oregon – Nationally Ranked #1 NAIA), Bobby Ward (GCU – Nationally Ranked 3rd NAIA), Kevin Maelfeyt (CCC – Nationally Ranked JUCO), Jake Briggs (Cal Bakersfield – Roadrunner Open Champ), Grant Blumenthal (Campbell – Citadel Open Champ), Blake Kastl (Cal Poly – Roadrunner Open 3rd), Jordan Dix (Citadel – Navy Classic 5th), Andrew Romanchik (Ohio – MSU Open 6th), Brandon Richardson (Wyoming – Cowboy Open 3rd), and Austin Breckenridge (Wyoming – UNK Open 6th)

157 pounds
NCSU Entrants:  Mardel Gabriel and Matt Nereim
Other Top Contenders:  RJ Pena (Oregon St – Ranked top 10), Andy McCulley (Wyoming – Ranked top 15), David Cheza (MSU – Ranked top 20), George Ivanov (Boise – Ranked top 20),Ed Cheff (MT St Northern – Ranked 6th NAIA), Dalton Urrutia (Southern Oregon – Ranked 4th NAIA), Scott Verner (Western Wyoming – Ranked 4th JUCO), Adam Fierro (Cal Poly – Top 12 Las Vegas Invite), Kyle Chene (Cal Poly – Top 8 Keystone), Matt Frisch (Citadel – 3rd Navy Classic), Mitchell Polkowske (Northern Colorado – Cowboy Open 2nd), Spartak Chino (Ohio – MSU Open 2nd), Kory DeBerry (GCU – Cowboy Open Champ), Ryan Watts (MSU – MSU Open 2nd), and Zach Rohr (Ohio – MSU Open 5th)

For more information about the Reno TOC, check out their official website here.


Wolfpack Wrestling Holiday Party

Last evening, the Wolfpack Wrestling team held their first annual Holiday party at Cafe Caturra.  We enjoyed spending the evening as a team and had a lot of fun.  Below are a few shots from the party.  Enjoy!

See more photos from the party here.


Ask the Pack

Since the team is not competing this weekend and preparing for the Reno Tournament of Champions next week, we don't have a weekend competition preview to post for you. In lieu of that, we're opening the floor up to our friends, family and fans for questions.

If you have any questions or comments for the coaching staff, please leave them in the comments below or email us at ncsuwolfpackwrestling@gmail.com. We'll answer your questions in a post later this week.

Enjoy the weekend - Go Pack!


Nittany Lion Open Preview Part II

As promised, here is a preview of the 165-HWT weight classes for the Nittany Lion Open.  Follow the Pack @PackWrestle on twitter for results. 

165 Pounds (61 Registered Wrestlers)
NCSU Wrestlers Competing:  Nijel Jones & Ryan Fox (unattached)
Other Top Competition:  David Taylor (PSU – NCAA Champ), Mark Lewandowski (Buffalo – NCAA Qualifier), Corey Mock (UNC – NCAA Qualifier), Chris Moon (Va Tech – NCAA Qualifier), Nick Fisher (PSU – 2012 Binghamton Open 4th), Bobby Nash (MSU – 2012 EMU Open 2nd), John Staudenmayer (UNC – 2012 Wolfpack & Hokie Open 5th), Jake Schalles (Navy – 2012 Navy Classic Runner-Up), Aaron McKinney (Lock Haven – 2012 Mat Town Open 4th), &Troy Lamson (MSU – 2012 EMU Open 6th)

174 Pounds (60 Registered Wrestlers)
NCSU Wrestlers Competing:  Patrick Davis
Other Top Competition:  Josh Asper (Maryland – NCAA All-American), Matt Brown (PSU – Nationally Ranked), Greg Zannetti (Rutgers – NCAA Qualifier), Turtogtokh Luvsandorj (Citadel – NCAA Qualifier), Jim Resnick (Rider – NCAA Qualifier), Mike Dessino (Bloomsburg – NCAA Qualifier), John-Martin Cannon (Buffalo – NCAA Qualifier), Kyle Czarnecki (Boston – NCAA Qualifier), PJ Tasser (Pitt – NCAA Qualifier), & Billy Curling (ODU – Nationally Ranked)

184 Pounds (54 Registered Wrestlers)
NCSU Wrestlers Competing:  Brett Peltier
Other Top Competition:  Ed Ruth (PSU – NCAA Champ), Jimmy Sheptock (Maryland – Top 12 NCAA’s), Alex Utley (UNC – Nationally Ranked), Lorenzo Thomas (Penn – NCAA Qualifier), Dan Rinaldi (Rutgers – NCAA Qualifier), Vic Avery (Edinboro – NCAA Qualifier), Jack Dechow (ODU – 2012 ESU & Mat Town Open Runner-Up), John Dickson (Va Tech – 2011 PSU Open 3rd), Brandon Griffin (Lehigh – 2012 ESU Open 3rd), & Anthony Gardner (Maryland – 2012 Clarion Open & Oklahoma Gold Classic 4th)

197 Pounds (41 Registered Wrestlers)
NCSU Wrestlers Competing:  KaRonne Jones (unattached) & Josh Lackey
Other Top Competition:  Quentin Wright (PSU – NCAA Champ), Christian Boley (Maryland – NCAA Qualifier), Morgan McIntosh (PSU – NCAA Qualifier), Antonio Giorgio (UNC – Nationally Ranked), Jacob Henderson (ODU – Nationally Ranked), Angelo Malvestuto (Buffalo – Nationally Ranked), Billy George (Cornell – 2012 Binghamton Open 4th), Kevin Beazley (ODU – 2012 Wolfpack Open Runner-Up), Dan Seidenberg (Rutgers – 2012 Hokie Open 4th), & John Merickel (Campbell – 2012 SoCon 4th)

285 Pounds (53 Registered Wrestlers)
NCSU Wrestlers Competing:  Nick Gwiazdowski (unattached), Mike Kosoy, & Josh Davis (unattached)
Other Top Competition:  Odie Delaney (Citadel – Top 12 NCAA’s), Kevin Innis (Boston – NCAA Qualifier), James Lawson (PSU – Nationally Ranked), Jonathan Gingrich (PSU – Binghamton Open Champ), Chris Penny (Va Tech – 2012 Wolfpack Open 4th), William Smith (Rutgers – Nationally Ranked), Henry Turner (Lock Haven – Nationally Ranked), Doug Vollaro (Lehigh – 2012 ESU & Binghamton Open 3rd), Nick Tavanello (OH State – 2012 Buffalo Invite 3rd), & Chris Nash (MSU – 2012 EMU Open Champ)


Nittany Lion Open Preview Part I

Today we're previewing 125 through 157.  Tomorrow we'll post the 165-HWT preview.  (Note: # of registered wrestlers is as of November 29)

125 Pounds (49 Registered Wrestlers)
NCSU Wrestlers Competing:  None
Other Top Competition:  Nico Megaludis (PSU – NCAA Finalist), Shane Gentry (Maryland – NCAA Qualifier), Nathan Kraisser (UNC – Nationally Ranked), Max Soria (Buffalo – NCAA Qualifier), Joe Langel (Rutgers – Nationally Ranked), Robert Rehm (Lock Haven – Nationally Ranked), David White (Binghamton – 2012 ESU Open Champ), Kevin Devoy (Drexel – 2012 ESU Open Runner-Up), Rob Deutsch (ODU – 2012 Mat Town Open Champ), & Eric Montoya (Campbell – 2012 Citadel Open Champ)

133 Pounds (62 Registered Wrestlers)
NCSU Wrestlers Competing:  Sam Speno & Patrick Hutton (unattached)
Other Top Competition:  Zach Horan (CMU – Top 12 NCAA’s), Mason Beckman (Lehigh – NCAA Qualifier), Geoff Alexander (Maryland – NCAA Qualifier), Johnni DiJulius (Ohio State – NCAA Qualifier), Scott Festejo (ODU – NCAA Qualifier), Anthony Abidin (Nassau – NJCAA National Champ), Joey Ward (UNC – Nationally Ranked), Jordan Conaway (PSU – Nationally Ranked), Vinny Dellafave (Rutgers – Nationally Ranked), & Mark Grey (Finger Lakes – 2012 Binghamton Open Runner-Up)

141 Pounds (75 Registered Wrestlers)
NCSU Wrestlers Competing:  Tyler Hunt (unattached), Mike Avelar, & Gabe LaVey
Other Top Competition:  Devin Carter (Va Tech – NCAA All-American), Undrakhbayar Khishignyam (Citadel – Nationally Ranked), Evan Henderson (UNC – NCAA Qualifier), Matt Nelson (UVA – NCAA Qualifier), Tyler Small (Kent – NCAA Qualifier), Trevor Melde (Rutgers – NCAA Qualifier), Dan Neff (Lock Haven – Nationally Ranked), Andrew Schutt (Buffalo – NCAA Qualifier), Bryan Pearsall (PSU – Nationally Ranked), Chris Mecate (ODU – 2012 Clarion & Mat Town Open Champ), & Brent Jorge (Campbell – Citadel & Pembroke Open Champ)

149 Pounds (87 Registered Wrestlers)
NCSU Wrestlers Competing:  Cohl Fulk (unattached)
Other Top Competition:  Andrew Alton (PSU – Top 12 NCAA’s), Gus Sako (UVA – NCAA Qualifier), Mario Mason (Rutgers – NCAA Qualifier), Christian Barber (UNC – Nationally Ranked), Chad Strube (Va Tech – 2012 National Collegiate Open Champ), Mac Maldarelli (Lock Haven – NJCAA National Runner-Up), Mitch Minotti (Lehigh – 2012 Clarion and Binghamton Open 3rd), Blake Roulo (Buffalo – 2012 MAC Runner-Up), Matt Stephens (Va Tech – 2012 Mat Town Open Runner-Up), & Louis Mascola (Maryland – 2012 Oklahoma Gold 3rd)

157 Pounds (69 Registered Wrestlers)
NCSU Wrestlers Competing:  Matt Nereim
Other Top Competition:  Dylan Alton (PSU – NCAA All-American), James Fleming (Clarion – NCAA All-American), Scott Winston (Rutgers – NCAA Qualifier), Ian Miller (Kent – NCAA Qualifier), Nestor Taffur (Boston – Nationally Ranked), Jake Kemerer (Lock Haven – Nationally Ranked), Bryce Busler (Bloomsburg – NCAA Qualifier), Blaise Butler (UVA – 2012 Wolfpack Open Champ), Ben Dorsay (Maryland – 2012 Wolfpack Open Runner-Up), & Lex Ozias (Va Tech – 2012 National Collegiate Runner-Up)


Wolfpack Wrestling Club: Register NOW

Attention wrestlers in grades 7 through 12: Are you looking for an after-season club that will help you succeed at the highest level in wrestling? If so, sign up now for the Wolfpack Wrestling Club! Practice dates are listed below on the flier.

*Note: Per NCAA Regulations, club registration is only open to those who live within a 50 mile radius, or if WWC is the club nearest to your home.


Keystone Classic Preview

The following NCSU Wrestlers are expected to compete on Sunday at the Keystone Classic:  Sam Speno (133 pounds), Mike Avelar (141 pounds), Gabe LaVey (141 pounds), Matt Nereim (157 pounds), Mardel Gabriel (157 pounds), Nijel Jones (165 pounds), Patrick Davis (174 pounds), Josh Lackey (197 pounds), and Mike Kosoy (285 pounds).  This will be Speno’s collegiate debut.  Nereim and Avelar will be competing for the first time this season.

Here is a look at the other 14 teams competing at the Keystone Classic this weekend and some of the top performers from each team…

Northwestern – Northwestern is led two All-Americans, Jason Welch at 157 pounds and Mike McMullan at heavyweight.  They have three other top fifteen ranked wrestlers in their line-up in Levi Mele (133 pounds), Pierce Harger (165 pounds), and Lee Munster (174 pounds).  Northwestern is the team to beat this weekend and are ranked #13 in the country.  125 pound wrestler, Dominick Malone is a high impact freshman.  They won the Keystone Classic Title last season.

Pennsylvania – Has two highly ranked wrestlers in 125 pound Mark Rappo and returning All-American Micah Burak at 197 pounds.  Burak is a returning two-time Keystone Classic Champion and Rappo is a two-time Keystone Classic place winner.  Kyle Cowan is a former Keystone Classic Champion at heavyweight.  Casey Kent at 165 pounds made the finals of the Binghamton Open last week.  Ian Korb at 174 pounds is a retuning EIWA place winner.

Bloomsburg – Has two top twenty wrestlers in Frank Hickman at 157 pounds and Justin Grant at heavyweight.  They have five other wrestlers to watch:  Sean Boylan (125 pounds), Nick Wilcox (133 pounds), Josh Roosa (149 pounds), Josh Veltre (165 pounds), and Andre Petroski (184 pounds).  The huskies are 3-0 in dual meets this season.

Indiana – The Hoosiers have three top 20 ranked wrestlers that should wrestle this weekend:  Taylor Walsh (157 pounds), Ryan LeBlanc (165 pounds), and Adam Chalfant (285 pounds).  All three of them wrestled at the NCAA Tournament last season.  Quinton Murphy (133 pounds) is IU’s top freshman and is 8-2 on the young season.  Joe Duca (125 pounds) was 4th at the Hokie Open and Luke Sheridan (184 pounds) finished 6th.

American – AU is led by returning NCAA Qualifier, 149 pound, Kevin Tao.  Blake Herrin, a heavyweight, was the top performer for the team last weekend winning the Oklahoma Gold Classic.  David Terao (125 pounds), Phillip Barreiro (165 pounds), and Keithen Cast (174 pounds) were all Oklahoma Gold finalist.  Thomas Barreiro (184 pounds), Esteban Gomez-Rivera (133 pounds), and Marcos Peralta (165 pounds) all finished on the podium last weekend.

Rider – Zac Cibula returns at 157 pounds and is a former CAA Champion.  Ramon Santiago was a champion at the Binghamton Open at 165 pounds last weekend.  174 pound wrestler James Brundage made the finals of the BU Open.  Jimmy Morris (133 pounds), Clint Morrison (184 pounds), and Donald McNeil 9197 pounds) all placed last weekend and will look to do the same again this week.

Boston – The Terriers have three returning NCAA Qualifiers in their line-up:  Kyle Czarnecki (174 pounds), Hunter Meys (197 pounds), and Kevin Innis (285 pounds).  Nestor Taffur was BU’s top performer last weekend, taking 2nd at the Binghamton Open.  Mitch Wightman finished 3rd at the Binghamton Open last week.

Harvard – The Crimson had three finalists last season at the Keystone Classic:  Walter Peppelman (157 pounds) was a champion, while both Steven Keith (141 pounds) and Cameron Croy (184 pounds).  Jeff Ott was a Binghamton Open finalist last weekend at 125 pounds.  James Fox (197 pounds) is another wrestler to watch this weekend.

Duke – The Blue Devils have seen early season success coming from Diego Bencomo (184 pounds) and Conner Hartman (197 pounds).  Bencomo finished in the top twelve at the 2011 NCAA Championships.  Hartman is 8-1 and was the ACC Wrestler of the week last week.  Brandon Gambucci (133 pounds), Tanner Hough (141 pounds), and Marcus Cain (149 pounds) anchor the lightweights.

Princeton – Garrett Frey (133 pounds), Zach Bintliff (149 pounds), and Dan Santoro (184 pounds) are the team captains.  Frey has been in the national rankings for the last couple of years.  Bintliff was 5th last weekend at the Binghamton Open, as was Abram Ayala and Judd Ziegler, sharing that place at 165 pounds.  Scott Gibbons is a freshman that placed in the tournament last weekend at 184 pounds.

Cal Poly – The Mustangs had three place winners last weekend at the Roadrunner Open.  141 pounder Brandan Rocha, 184 pounder Sean Dougherty, and 285 pound wrestler Atticus Disney finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at the Roadrunner Open respectively.  Evan McKirdy (125 pounds) and Devon Lotito (133 pounds) both are freshman that have been solid for Cal Poly thus far.

Brown – The team’s top returning performers are Billy Watterson (125 pounds), Ophir Bernstein (184 pounds), and Sterling Hecox (197 pounds).  Giuseppi Lanzi (174 pounds) has been on the verge of a breakout performance in the last few years.  Zach Tannenbaum and Cort Choate have the ability to place high this weekend.

Appalachian State – The Mountaineers are 3-0 so far this season.  They had a break-out season last year with two All-Americans and a top 25 NCAA tournament finish.  However, ASU graduated quite a bit of their line-up and are young but talented.  Dylan Cottrell has impressed at 149 pounds as a freshman.  Dominic Parisi at 125 pounds and Jake Smith at 133 pounds have also placed in tournaments this season for the team.

VMI – The Keydets best wrestlers are heavyweight Jaun Adams and Urayoan Garcia at 197 pounds.  Adams has placed in both the Wolfpack Open and the Hokie Open over the last two weekends.  Garcia finished 3rd at the Wolfpack Open last weekend.  165 pound wrestler, Mark Darr, has won several matches this season.  Also, watch for Andriy Onufriyenko at 133 pounds.

Here is a link to the University of Pennsylvania release on the Keystone Classic

@packwrestle will be tweeting our results

GoPack Press Release: Wrestling Recruiting Class Ranked Ninth Nationally

Pat Popolizio
A link to the original release is here.

Raleigh, N.C. -
First-year head coach Pat Popolizio announced seven student-athletes have signed with the Pack during the fall signing period. The class has been ranked ninth nationally by theopenmat.com, and the second-best in the ACC.

“Our coaching staff worked extremely hard to bring a very important recruiting class to NC State,” said Popolizio. “This group of guys will pave the way for the future for Wolfpack Wrestling. They have a great attitude and are extremely motivated. That coupled with their talent level makes this a very exciting time for the Wolfpack.”

Here’s a look at each of the Pack’s signees:

• Brenden Calas (Seton Hall Prep School, N.J.)
Ranked No. 10 nationally at 120 pounds by Wrestling USA Magazine … Currently competing at 120 pounds, will wrestle at 125 at NC State … Currently posts an 85-9 high school record … The 2012 New Jersey state champion at 113 pounds … 2010 state champion at 103 pounds, 2010 state qualifier at 103 as well … 2012 Fargo Junior Greco Roman National 8th Place (All-American) at 120 pounds … 2010 Fargo Cadet Greco Roman National 8th Place (All-American) at 105 pounds.

“Brenden is a winner, he wins when it matters most. He will be going for his third state title in one of the toughest states in the country.” - Popolizio

• Scott Del Vecchio (South Plainfield High School, N.J.)
No. 63 overall recruit in the country by flowrestling.org … No. 90 overall by D1collegewrestling.net … Ranked No. 4 at 132 pounds by flowrestling.org, No. 7 by intermatwrestle.com, and No. 11 by Wrestling USA Magazine … Currently competing at 132 pounds, will wrestle at 133 at NC State … 119-10 career high school record … 2012 undefeated New Jersey state champion at 132 pounds with a 44-0 record … 2011 and 2010 state qualifier … Finished fourth at the 2012 Super 32 at 132 pounds … 2012 Journeyman Classic Champion … 2010 and 2009 Ironhorse Invitational Champion.

“Scott’s high school is known to produce some of the best talent in the country and Scott is one of those wrestlers. He will be joining former South Plainfield great, Tyler Hunt, at NC State. He has a very flashy style that will be great to watch.” - Popolizio

• Chris Wilkes (Whitfield School, Mo.)
No. 88 overall recruit in the country by D1collegewrestlingnet.com … No. 89 overall by both intermatwrestle.com and flowrestling.org … Ranked No. 10 nationally at 132 pounds by Wrestling USA Magazine … No. 13 at 138 pounds by intermatwrestle.com … Currently competing at 138 pounds, will wrestle at 133/141 at NC State … Holds a 155-7 career high school record … 2012 Missouri state champion at 126 pounds … Finished third at state championships in 2011 (130 pounds) and 2010 (125 pounds) … USA Wrestling Folkstyle National Champion … 2011 Fargo Cadet Freestyle All-American, finished third at 130 pounds … Outstanding wrestler of the 2011 Granite City “Red Schmitt” memorial Tournament at 126 pounds.

“Chris is a very dynamic wrestler. He has the ability to score a lot of points for NC State. Last season he beat the top recruit in the country in his weight, and we expect him to continue to build on that.” - Popolizio

• Max Rohskopf (West Holmes High School, Ohio)
Ranked No. 28 nationally at 138 pounds by Wrestling USA Magazine … Currently competing at 145/152 pounds, will wrestle at 149/157 at NC State … Holds a 105-19 career high school record … Finished third at the 2012 Ohio state tournament at 138 pounds … Went 44-3 on the year … Was seventh at the 2011 state championships at 130 pounds … Was 31-5 overall … 2012 state qualifier at 119 pounds … 2012 Michigan Grappler Fall Classic champion at 145 pounds.

“Max’s winning attitude will have a big impact on our future at NC State. He is very focused on accomplishing his goals.” - Popolizio

• Chad Pyke (Woodward Academy, Ga.)
Nationally-ranked honorable mention All-American at 138 pounds by Wrestling USA Magazine … Currently competing at 152 pounds, will wrestle at 157 at NC State … Holds a 240-17 career high school record … 2012 Georgia state champion at 138 pounds … Went 86-4 on the year … Finished third at 2011 state championships at 125 pounds, and was fifth in 2010 at 112 pounds … 2012 Clinch Gear Prep Slam champion at 138 pounds … Was fourth at 2011 Clinch Gear Prep Slam at 125 pounds and champion at 112 pounds in 2010 … 2012 USA Wrestling preseason national runner-up at 152 pounds.

“Chad is a perfect fit for what we look for in a recruit. He is a student of the sport and has a huge upside. We are excited to see Chad develop over the next several years.” - Popolizio

• Peter Renda (Brandywine Heights High School, Pa.)
No. 43 overall recruit in the country by flowrestling.org  … Ranked No. 5 nationally at 170 pounds by flowrestling.org … No. 8 at 170 pounds by intermatwrestle.com … Also ranked No. 11 nationally at 160 pounds by Wrestling USA Magazine … Currently competing at 170/182 pounds, will wrestle at 174/184 at NC State … Holds a 120-22 career high school record … 2012 Pennsylvania state finialist at 152 pounds … Finished fifth at state championships at 135 pounds in 2011, and seventh at 119 pounds in 2010 … 2012 Fargo Junior Freestyle All-American, 8th place at 160 pounds … Was third at the 2012 Super 32 … 2012 Journeyman Classic champion.

“We are very excited that Pete is part of the Wolfpack. He will have an immediate impact on our program. He brings a strong work ethic and the ability to compete at a high level right away.” - Popolizio

• Shayne Brady (Carthage High School, N.Y.)
Currently competing at 182 pounds, will wrestle at 184 at NC State … Has 166 high school wins … Took second at the 2012 New York state championships at 170 pounds … Finished the year with a record of 38-2 … 2012 Super 32 eighth place finish at 182 pounds … Was a 2011 state qualifier at 152 pounds.

“Shayne is constantly improving and has a big upside in college. We look for him to be right in the mix to start at 184 pounds.” - Popolizio

Note: We have additional recruits verbally committed but we are not yet able to comment on those athletes.