Reno Tournament of Champions Preview: Part II

Here is the second half of our Reno TOC preview.  

165 pounds
NCSU Entrants:  Nijel Jones
Other Top Contenders:  Ethan Hinebauch (MT St Northern – Ranked 1st NAIA), Bret Baumbach (Stanford – Nationally Ranked), Zach Strickland (App St – Nationally Ranked), Cody Allala (CCC – Nationally Ranked 9th JUCO),Derek Mestrovich (Southern OR – Ranked 3rd JUCO), Ryan Miller (GCU – Roadrunner Open 4th), Gian Traverso (MO Valley – Ranked 6th NAIA), Harrison Hightower (Ohio – Navy Classic 4th), Jim Wilson (Stanford – Roadrunner Open Champ), Abner Cook (UVU – Cowboy Open Champ), Robert Nash (MSU – EMU Open 2nd), Holden Packard (Boise), Troy Lamson (MSU – EMU Open 6th), Austin Dewey (Boise – Cowboy Open Placer), and Cole Rice (Spokane Open Champ)

174 pounds
NCSU Entrants:  Patrick Davis
Other Top Contenders:  Bryce Hammond (Cal Bakersfield – Ranked Top 20), Brock Gutches (Southern Oregon – Ranked #1 NAIA), Austin Morehead (Oregon St – Nationally Ranked), Max Payne (MT St Northern – Ranked 5th NAIA), Trent Noon (CCC – Ranked 3rd JUCO), Jordan Wohlfert (MSU – MSU and EMU Open 2nd), Ross Taylor (Western Wyoming – Ranked 8th JUCO), Jared Miller (MT St Northern –Ranked Top 15 NAIA), Cody Walters (Ohio – MSU Open Champ), Jarrod Purvis (Adams St – Fort Hays Open Champ), Michael Duckworth (Ohio – Navy Classic 5th), Monte Schmalhaus (UVU – Cowboy Open Champ), Ethan Smith (UVU – Cowboy Open 2nd), LJ Helbig (Wyoming – UNK Open 3rd), and Zach Nevills (Stanford – Roadrunner Open 3rd)

184 pounds
NCSU Entrants:  Brett Peltier
Other Top Contenders:  Jake Swartz (Boise – Ranked top 10), Ty Vinson (Oregon St – Nationally Ranked), John Rizgallah (MSU – Nationally Ranked), Lance Bryson (WVU – Nationally Ranked), Kody Reed (MT St Northern – Ranked top 10 NAIA), Tyler Thomas (Southern OR – Ranked top 10 NAIA), Brett Sanchez (GCU – Ranked top 10 D2), Taylor McGiffen (Campbell – Citadel Open Champ),Shane Woods (Wyoming – UNK Open 2nd), Ryan Garringer (Ohio – 3rd Navy Classic), Marcus Haughian (GCU – Cowboy Open 4th), Cody Rodgers (Ohio – MSU Open 4th), Sean Dougherty (Cal Poly – Keystoen Classic 5th), Kadyn Del Toro (Boise – Cowboy Open Placer), and Riley Argyle (Western Wyoming – Ranked JUCO)

197 pounds
NCSU Entrants:  Josh Lackey
Other Top Contenders:  Alfonso Hernandez (Wyoming – Ranked top 5), Taylor Meeks (Oregon St – Ranked top 15),Toby Cheff (MT St Northern – Ranked NAIA), Charles Johnson (Southern Oregon – Ranked top 10 NAIA), Josh Manu (MO Valley – Ranked 4th NAIA), Jake Laden (CCC – Ranked #1 JUCO), Celic Bell (GCU – Ranked #3 NAIA), Patrick Gomez (Northern Colorado – Cowboy Open 2nd), Phil Wellington (Ohio –MSU Open Champ), Michael Sojka (Stanford – Roadrunner Open 2nd), Nick McDiarmid (MSU – EMU Open 2nd), AJ Vizcarrondo (WVU – Wolfpack Open 4th), Luke Jones (MSU – MSU Open 4th), Cody Rodgers (Ohio – Navy Classic 5th), and Paul Weiss (App State – Keystone Classic 6th)

285 pounds
NCSU Entrants:  Mike Kosoy

Other Top Contenders:  Chad Hanke (Oregon St – Ranked top 10), JT Felix (Boise – Ranked top 10), Jeremy Johnson (Ohio – Ranked top 10), Odie Delaney (Citadel – Ranked top 15), Mike McClure (MSU – Ranked top 15), Atticus Disney (Cal Poly – Nationally Ranked), Tyrell Fortune (GCU – Ranked top 5 D2), Dan Scherer (Stanford – Nationally Ranked), Jacob Mitchell (CCC – Ranked 4th JUCO), Dan Mueller (Mo Valley – Ranked 6th NAIA), Bubba Owens (Southern OR – Ranked 5th NAIA), Hnery Chirino (Northern CO – Las Vegas Invite 8th),  Gabi Musallam (MO Valley – Ranked top 15 NAIA), Mike Williams (Western WY – Ranked top 15 JUCO), and Tanner Harms (Wyoming – UNK Open Champ)


  1. No Nick G wrestling unattached?? Bummer

  2. Nice job guys...how the West was Won. 8th in the team standings? Slick! Keep it comin! Nice tourney Niiii-jelllll! Crushed it from start to finish. Speeen, Gantt way to work it. Ryan Mango seriously?? Way to NOT show a big name guy any respect!

  3. After "8th in the team standings"...that does NOT say s-u-c-k! It says slick which rhymes with trick!