Nittany Lion Open Preview Part I

Today we're previewing 125 through 157.  Tomorrow we'll post the 165-HWT preview.  (Note: # of registered wrestlers is as of November 29)

125 Pounds (49 Registered Wrestlers)
NCSU Wrestlers Competing:  None
Other Top Competition:  Nico Megaludis (PSU – NCAA Finalist), Shane Gentry (Maryland – NCAA Qualifier), Nathan Kraisser (UNC – Nationally Ranked), Max Soria (Buffalo – NCAA Qualifier), Joe Langel (Rutgers – Nationally Ranked), Robert Rehm (Lock Haven – Nationally Ranked), David White (Binghamton – 2012 ESU Open Champ), Kevin Devoy (Drexel – 2012 ESU Open Runner-Up), Rob Deutsch (ODU – 2012 Mat Town Open Champ), & Eric Montoya (Campbell – 2012 Citadel Open Champ)

133 Pounds (62 Registered Wrestlers)
NCSU Wrestlers Competing:  Sam Speno & Patrick Hutton (unattached)
Other Top Competition:  Zach Horan (CMU – Top 12 NCAA’s), Mason Beckman (Lehigh – NCAA Qualifier), Geoff Alexander (Maryland – NCAA Qualifier), Johnni DiJulius (Ohio State – NCAA Qualifier), Scott Festejo (ODU – NCAA Qualifier), Anthony Abidin (Nassau – NJCAA National Champ), Joey Ward (UNC – Nationally Ranked), Jordan Conaway (PSU – Nationally Ranked), Vinny Dellafave (Rutgers – Nationally Ranked), & Mark Grey (Finger Lakes – 2012 Binghamton Open Runner-Up)

141 Pounds (75 Registered Wrestlers)
NCSU Wrestlers Competing:  Tyler Hunt (unattached), Mike Avelar, & Gabe LaVey
Other Top Competition:  Devin Carter (Va Tech – NCAA All-American), Undrakhbayar Khishignyam (Citadel – Nationally Ranked), Evan Henderson (UNC – NCAA Qualifier), Matt Nelson (UVA – NCAA Qualifier), Tyler Small (Kent – NCAA Qualifier), Trevor Melde (Rutgers – NCAA Qualifier), Dan Neff (Lock Haven – Nationally Ranked), Andrew Schutt (Buffalo – NCAA Qualifier), Bryan Pearsall (PSU – Nationally Ranked), Chris Mecate (ODU – 2012 Clarion & Mat Town Open Champ), & Brent Jorge (Campbell – Citadel & Pembroke Open Champ)

149 Pounds (87 Registered Wrestlers)
NCSU Wrestlers Competing:  Cohl Fulk (unattached)
Other Top Competition:  Andrew Alton (PSU – Top 12 NCAA’s), Gus Sako (UVA – NCAA Qualifier), Mario Mason (Rutgers – NCAA Qualifier), Christian Barber (UNC – Nationally Ranked), Chad Strube (Va Tech – 2012 National Collegiate Open Champ), Mac Maldarelli (Lock Haven – NJCAA National Runner-Up), Mitch Minotti (Lehigh – 2012 Clarion and Binghamton Open 3rd), Blake Roulo (Buffalo – 2012 MAC Runner-Up), Matt Stephens (Va Tech – 2012 Mat Town Open Runner-Up), & Louis Mascola (Maryland – 2012 Oklahoma Gold 3rd)

157 Pounds (69 Registered Wrestlers)
NCSU Wrestlers Competing:  Matt Nereim
Other Top Competition:  Dylan Alton (PSU – NCAA All-American), James Fleming (Clarion – NCAA All-American), Scott Winston (Rutgers – NCAA Qualifier), Ian Miller (Kent – NCAA Qualifier), Nestor Taffur (Boston – Nationally Ranked), Jake Kemerer (Lock Haven – Nationally Ranked), Bryce Busler (Bloomsburg – NCAA Qualifier), Blaise Butler (UVA – 2012 Wolfpack Open Champ), Ben Dorsay (Maryland – 2012 Wolfpack Open Runner-Up), & Lex Ozias (Va Tech – 2012 National Collegiate Runner-Up)

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