#PackMentality Rewind: Matt Reiss

Today we're introducing a new segment, #PackMentality Rewind.  These videos will highlight the careers of former Wolfpack Wrestlers.


  1. Having been a novice Wolfpack wrestling fan 'back in the day' learning about the sport by watching Matt Reiss, I can attest that he was thrilling to watch since one never knew what he would try next. (No wonder I was hooked!) I am delighted to see this snippet of his former skill and glory on the web! Barbara Parker (former faculty wife)

  2. This is a great addition to the blog. Way to go. Fantastic clip and awesome way to get everyone up for the upcoming season. It is a very good idea to add a sense of history. Also, so cool to see the underdog do the unlikely here and have it be one of our wolves! Keep up the old school vids!