And so it begins... Official Practice!

We had our first official day of practice today.  Our preseason was a little longer than most teams (official practices could begin as early as 10/10).  The extended preseason is done by design, as the coaching staff determined that it would be best for the team to structure workouts this way.  We are very excited for the season to get underway!

We opened practice with a dynamic warm-up, followed by Coach Kelly teaching some defense (down-blocks & front headlocks).  From there, we went in to a short, hard drill and then wrestled an extended period of live.  We broke in to three-man groups and went 15, 2-minute live goes, switched groups, and continued with 15, 1-minute live goes.  We finished practice with a match-length of shadow drilling.  Overall, the team did very well adjusting to the regular season workout.  There are a few guys who need to force themselves to open up offensively when they're tired, but overall, it was a great, intense, first day of official practice in the Wolfpack room!

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